Sheros Game Club is a new all-girls club in Jersey City. All girls ages 5-14 are welcome to join our club, especially, if you are a super-powered SHERO, who puts the SHE in hero! We are a creative and collaborative club who explores, plays, and creates digital and non-digital games.

This club is for all of the girls who have big dreams and want to invent, play, and make a difference in the world! Game design and development is the gateway to learning essential 21st century skills like story-telling, collaboration, critical thinking skills, coding, and problem-solving.

Our goal is to close the gender gap by motivating girls to pursue a career in STEM by exposing them to STEM at an early. Why? Only 25% of women who were in the computing workforce in 2015 (NCWIT, By the Numbers), 5% Of African Americans and Latinos make up the Technology workforce in 2015 (Ethnic Diversity in Tech), and 1% of Hispanic women were in the computing workforce in 2015 (NCWIT, By the Numbers).


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